Rivista della Società Italiana di Antropologia Applicata

Anthropology in the Third Mission: Academy, Public Engagement and the Social Sciences. Edited by Mara Benadusi (University of Catania) and Roberta Altin (University of Trieste)


At the dawn of the third millennium, universities are trying to reinvent their role to become more relevant in multiple spheres of socio-economic and cultural life. What is at stake, indeed, is higher education's ability to solve problems involving the needs and priorities of local communities through initiatives organized around shared goals and constant engagement among civil society, administrations, businesses, the third sector, teachers and students. 

Vol 6 No 2 (2020): Spazi di convivialità? Convivere e co-abitare con migranti in Italia

Published: 2020-11-30


Roberta Altin

3 - 4

Conversazione con Saverio Krätli

Stefania Pontrandolfo, Bruno Riccio

203 - 208

La forma dell'inclusione

Francesca Privitera

211 - 220

Quick description

Berardino Palumbo

221 - 240

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