Restare, intraprendere, tornare Dialoghi con giovani Burkinabé in Italia

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Valentina Mutti Anna Ferro


The paper investigates the nature of transnational relations of Burkinabé
youth in Italy. By focusing on remittances, investments and plans for the future, the
study shows the heterogeneity of second generation members due to age of arrival,
educational paths and job inclusion outcomes. Transnational ties seem to be strong for
almost everyone as well as the will to contribute to Burkina Faso development, but the
behaviors might be quite diverse. Some Burkinabé youth with higher education tend to
send home little amounts of money, often mediated by their parents; other young workers
support friends' or relatives' small businesses and local activities with the aim of obtaining
a small individual profit, while others already married support their left behind families.
Moreover, Burkinabé youth experiences more uncertainty compared with first generation
due to economic crisis and the today challenges to imagine their future: this implies
hesitation on investing or find more opportunities in Italy, Burkina Faso or a third country.
Different from the activism in first generation migrants and/or ethnic Associations, youth
play a role in imagining support activities and social help to Burkina Faso, by navigating
among innovations, ambiguities and skills transfer.

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